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Every journey is different.

Passing judgement. Offering advice. Speaking out of turn. Adults with no kids of their own (but who are certain they’d be perfect parents if they actually had kids) make lofty pronouncements about parenting. People with little experience or knowledge of brain illnesses make judgements about other peoples’ treatment choices.

It all needs to stop.

I found a great post this morning about a mom and her journey through ADHD with her son. Check out Look, It’s Something Shiny. Everything she had to say resonated with me, as the wife of a depressed and severely ADHD man and the mother of a moderately ADHD son.

Every human being is unique. Every illness is unique, including the many types of brain illnesses. Every path to healing and wholeness must therefore be unique. What works for one may not work for another. There is no one person who has every right answer.

So how about instead of judging or offering unsolicited advice we all just support each other? How about we consider how difficult each person’s journey is and honor their challenges, their pain and their decisions?

How about we just appreciate every individual for the unique creations they are?


3 Responses

  1. Mental illness does not have a one-size-fits-all cure, even two people with the same illness.

    Sometime I get frustrated with those even within the mental health community who make pronouncements or condemnations based on their own experiences. There is good and bad in every possible solution, and – for better or worse – it’s often a trial and error experience, at least for a while.

    We must have grace and acceptance for one another; if we can’t support each other, how can we expect others (without mental health challenges) to?

    Thanks for your post,


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