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Our Presentations

Amy and Bernadette offer presentations and workshops to businesses, mental health organizations, educators, and faith-based groups.  Our presentations are tailored to the audience, but all center on the topic of the effects of mental illness on the family, friends, and community of the mentally ill.

Program offerings include,but are not limited to:

•Help! I’m Drowning! – Practical ways to deal with the situations that arise in a household when depression darkens the doorstep. In addition to learning about depression, the day-to-day challenges of living are addressed in detail.

•Does the Illness Really Change? – A look into how the illness of depression manifests itself in different age groups and how the caregivers’ approach needs to change according to different age levels.

•The Outcomes of Depression – Depression can get better or it can end in estrangement, divorce, or death. How do people deal with the different outcomes of the illness while keeping themselves healthy?

•We’ve Always Done It This Way – This presentation shows how depresison treatment can change to be of benefit not only for the depressed person but also to the family, friends, and community.

For more information or to schedule a program, please send a message to depressedlovedone@gmail.com.

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