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Good evening, sunshine (and goodbye SAD)

imageThere was a lot of grumbling last weekend about the “spring forward” clock change.  From people moaning about the lost hour of sleep to articles about heart attacks and other disasters increasing in the week following the spring change, it was a hate-fest on daylight savings time.

But not me. As heartily as I dread the loss of the hour of evening sunshine in the fall, I look forward to that extra hour of light in March as if it were the day I would win the lottery.  Because I know when that extra daylight is added to my day, my seasonal affective disorder will be disappearing before too long.

I’ve seen improvement in just these first four days.  My mood in late afternoon is much more positive when I see the direction and brightness of the sun. My energy has already increased; until this week I was sluggish by 7:00 and in bed by 8:00.  Yesterday I was up, moving, and active until 10:00.  We’re supposed to get some truly spring-like warm weather in the next few days, and I know if I can get out and soak up some vitamin D, I’ll feel even better.

I know that for a lot of people who deal with SAD, the effects of that extra daylight are not so drastic.  I’m thankful that, so far anyway, my symptoms are so quickly and easily swept aside (Hmmm…could it all be in my head?  Insert forced laughter here.) And I’m happy for my family, because I’m sure I’ll be a lot more pleasant to live with.  As I know all too well, living with a depressed person is no fun.

If you’ve been dealing with SAD this winter, what’s your experience been like?  Does the increase in daylight make a difference for you?



2 Responses

  1. hanks for stopping by red chair chonicles…. That hour makes a huge difference in attitude and happiness….More sunshine!

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