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Power to Me!

If being centered on oneself is one of the hallmarks of depression, I would have to say that our country is depressed because of the following.

We want to undo the Health Care Act, keeping many people from affordable health care because we are either misinformed, have listened to scare tactics from the far right, or feel that “if I pay for my health care, certainly other people can do the same.”   By doing so we also are able to keep people with brain illnesses from getting the help that they need.

We complain about the shootings that have become a part of our daily lives, but we refuse to fund something that would help those with brain illness or other challenges from receiving help. We want instead to “protect” ourselves with guns because we have the “right” to bear arms.  We don’t want to “protect” our fellow citizens from the dread of depression and the dark night of the soul.

Our Middle Schoolers in Congress play the games that will get them the adulation of their constituents but not the admiration of the people who are in need of good health care, food to feed their families, and information that would keep so many corporations from getting away with murder in a slow, methodical process of playing the political game for gain. “Shut the government down.  We congress people won’t suffer.  Our constituents will but that’s okay.  We can’t let the “other” side win.”  Too many elected officials exhibit the same self centeredness of the people they work for.

When did we get to be such a Me Centered Nation?  Did we slip into this depression slowly or did we not see the millions of people who are suffering from and living with someone who struggles with mental illness?   As the Medieval poet, Marie de France said, “The rich are never threatened by the poor….they never notice them.”

If we don’t face depression and are comfortably secure, we don’t notice the depressed that we work with day in and day out. We look the other way when we suspect that something is amiss with a family member.  We choose not to see the mentally ill in our society because it will cause us to be uncomfortable and it will call us to have to do something.  And God knows, we don’t want to do anything that would disturb our comfort.

I say more power to the Me-Centered people.  I only hope that when we die, we are not judged by the axiom, “love your neighbor as yourself.”