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Looking for Answers

detective-156961_150 When does it all stop? Depression gives rise to obsessing which gives rise to self medication through alcohol or pills or worse which gives rise to even worse depression to no self worth to total absorption in self to more depression as people draw away.

Depression is a downward spiral and those around us have the ability at any time to stop the spiraling by asking the right questions, by responding in the right way, by learning more about mental illness. Too often though we either don’t know the right questions or we do ask the right questions to a person not ready to hear them.

That raises for me as I muse as to whether or not a type of intervention might work for people who refuse to deal with or recognize their brain illness. Is intervention something that will help or does it merely serve to complicate the illness, making the person draw further and further away from the life support so necessary to dealing with depression?

My mind is reeling with questions and thoughts, all of which are a result of having to deal for so many years with a depressed spouse who now seems to be spiraling out of control into his worse depression ever. Having talked also many years about depression and dealing with someone you love who is depressed, I should know some of the answers but I don’t. Do you have any answers? All of us who deal with depression in someone we love are looking for some answers that might work.

– Bernadette