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Losing It


Yesterday I lost it.

Yep, I said and did all the wrong things a caregiver can ever say and do.

And we survived.

I’m not advocating this course of action for anyone who loves and cares for a depressed loved one. I’m just saying this for the sake of people everywhere who feel guilty when this happens.

When this happens it is okay. You can begin again. You can go from that point to better points. You can learn from what happened.

I learned that depression is too much with me.

I learned that I needed nurturing especially once I felt the tension in my body that usually isn’t present.

I learned that others can pick up the slack.

I learned that sometimes losing it is a good thing, not only for letting off some stress, but also for your loved one who sometimes needs a jolt back into the reality and a reminder that we are all people, we are all hurting and we all want to be loved.

And I also learned that those guilty pleasures people are always talking about? They are not pleasures that carry guilt but simply pleasures that help to keep you nurtured when there is no other place to go.

So here’s to losing it, to gaining it back and to the just plain pleasures that help you cope.

– Bernadette