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Enjoying the Present and Fearing the Past

I’m in that happy-apprehensive time that depression gives those who love someone with the illness.

It’s the time where you get glimpses of what life is without depression, the time where you relish the laughter, the little things that make you smile, the time together.

It’s also the time when you keep looking over your shoulder making sure that depression isn’t hiding around the corner.  It’s the time when you feel you are under the sword of Damocles, wondering when it will fall and change everything forever.   When something seems a bit off, you worry that the demon is coming back again, that it will engulf you before you know it.

It’s hard to sit back and relax and enjoy this time, but sometimes this is the only time we get and we need to relish it as best we can.  And enjoying it despite the apprehension is the best thing we can do to prove that depression will not conquer us.

  • Bernadette

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