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But It’s All In Your Mind…

“But it’s all in your mind.”

Yep. People say that to people who are depressed, and you know what? It is in their minds because depression is a brain illness!

We feel most comfortable if there is a wound or a disease that we can feel or experience in some way. If it is cancer we can ask about chemotherapy or we can ask how the radiation treatments are going. We can see the disease and we can respond with meals or take time to help clean the house or just stay around to talk a bit. Or we can say something like, “Cancer sucks and I’m sorry you have to go through this.”

The same is not true of depression and other mental illnesses.

Fears from who knows where creep up. Is this person dangerous? Will they go off in a rant that I won’t be able to handle? Is it safe to go in their house? We don’t worry about getting a bug, but perhaps we worry that depression will rub off on us. And we wonder what we will say, what we will do. And oftentimes we seek avoidance or we do nothing at all. If we work hard enough, we can pretend that it is all in the mind of the sufferer and “if they would just give themselves a kick in the rear, everything would be better.”

Oh, how I wish brain illness was as easy to deal with as physical illness


One Response

  1. I’d like to go one step further and say that an illness of the brain IS a physical illness, just as diseases of all organs are……..I explain my thinking in this post:


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