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Yesterday on 60 minutes there was a segment on depression and health insurance. Several of the stories were heartbreaking. One particular story told of a young man who told his psychiatrist that he wanted to kill a lot of people. His claim for continued treatment was denied. Not long after, he went out and put his words into actions.

It brought up the fact that too many mental health claims are denied. They are denied either because the treatment is taking too long or denied because the treatment is affecting the expense bottom line of the insurance company. I know that there is more research that I have to do to look at a clear, unbiased picture of the situation, but the segment raised for me the brutal fact that too often mentally ill individuals are overlooked or shorted on treatment because the disease is not able to be seen, not understood, and so very, very stigmatized.

My heart goes out to the parents who lost children as a result of denied treatment. It is wrong that we allowed this to happen.

– Bernadette


3 Responses

  1. We strongly agree with you and thank you for your insightful post. Unfortunately, the vast majority of our friends suffer with some form of mental illness. The magnitude of the problem in our nation is overlooked and under addressed.

  2. The whole insurance system in America is absolutely asinine! Not just with mental health claims, but many others as well. I was an insurance claims collector at numerous medical facilities when we lived back in the States and I would come home every day just infuriated at the way they would deny claims without thought or understanding. It is very wrong… so disheartening.

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