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Sanctuary in a Storm

Sanctuary.  Such a calming word.  Immediately it puts into my mind a place where I will be safe, with friends, with family, with quiet.  I seek sanctuary in times like I am experiencing now – my husband falling to the depths of depression – because it is the only thing that can keep me afloat.

There is sanctuary in the support from friends who understand, who have been there.  There is sanctuary in the laughter shared over a coffee.  There is sanctuary in the tears shed together amid the tales of the long and difficult struggle.  Depression hates sanctuary because sanctuary gives light and erases the darkness if only for a time.

Sanctuary is a quiet moment, a chapter read in a good book, a surprise telephone call from a friend, a beautiful bird searching for worms in the backyard.  Sanctuary comes in many forms, in many places.

It is up to us to open our eyes.

– Bernadette


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