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The Whole Picture

birthday-party-652266_1280Today at a meeting that had nothing to do with depression, depression came up.  The remarks are interesting and good for all of us to hear.

One woman said she had been in a bookstore and was going through all the books on depression because she had a relative who was fighting the disease and she was amazed to find that there were books either that talked about depression but in highly clinical terms or dealt with situations that were not down to earth.  The other end of the spectrum, she said, were books on fly by night ideas and books that made no sense at all in the reality of depression – recommending no medication and that their way was a sure fire cure for depression.  There were no books she felt she could use.

Another pointed out that the big thing  was that there  were very few books that were  1) down to earth and 2) written by people who had been there as caregivers and who could understand the whole spectrum of what depression can do.  He pointed out that there were people who could talk about their depression, who could talk about what could be done for depression, but there were very few voices that could look at the total picture and help the individuals in that picture.

That’s what Amy and I have been trying to do.  We have been trying to give people a real understanding of what depression is like for the individual but not forgetting what depression does to those on the sidelines – the caregivers, the family members, the friends.  We don’t want people to forget the effects depression can have on those bystanders – especially the children who often don’t get any explanation of what is happening in the household if depression is present.

Unfortunately, we have been met by a medical establishment that feels it knows best  how to deal with depression – and many feel that including the family or other significant individuals  is just not helpful, needed or profitable.

We will continue to be the voice crying in the wilderness about how important it is to treat the entire picture when depression strikes someone.  That’s the only way we can ever hope for a healthy and happy society.

– Bernadette


4 Responses

  1. Nice to see you back

  2. Thanks….and we intend to keep at it. 🙂

  3. When I first entered recovery, I read just about every depression book in the Border’s bookstore. Each one helped me understand the science of my brain chemistry, genes, and family history. But it was the personal testimonies of fellow sufferers in recovery that helped me the most. By sharing their honest stories of pain, trial-and-error methods of recovery, and personal victories, those beautiful, brave souls led me lovingly out of the dark labyrinth of depression.

    Good for you. Keep writing. It’s life-saving work.

    Blessings to you.

    • It’s great to know that the kind of stuff we write can be helpful. And it’s wonderful that you came out on the other side to health. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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