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Stand up.


A friend (a real friend, not just your run-of-the-mill Facebook friend) posted this graphic yesterday. I happen to know she’s been observing a situation in her workplace in which someone with serious depression has been the target of an undeserved vendetta. These “political” attacks could have serious consequences for the state of his emotional health.

As it happens, this gentleman is also a good friend of my husband, who has himself fought against depression and anxiety for most of his life.

These illnesses are hell to live with – for everyone involved. But if you’ve seen what they do to a person, you can’t help but admire the strength and perseverance it takes to fight back. Every day. Every moment. For years and years and years.

It was the least I could to to accept the not-so-daunting challenge of posting this graphic on my own FB wall. Care to join me?



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