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Let the Good Times Roll….If Only for a Moment

When you have been dealing with depression in a loved one for a long time, it is surprisingly difficult to accept good, healthy behavior.   I find that my first reaction is much happiness that my loved one is feeling good.  Immediately after that moment of euphoria, there is a feeling of apprehension.  I begin to wait for the proverbial other shoe to drop.  Part of me has trouble just enjoying the good, healthy person in front of me because another part of me is waiting for the depression to reassert itself.  

I need to keep reminding myself that all I have is this moment.  I can either worry about other moments that may never come to be or I can enjoy what is right in front of me.  I’m taking what I can get, whether it is one hour, one day, or more.  My loved one is in a good place   for the moment and I’m going to enjoy both him and me.  

– Bernadette


4 Responses

  1. This is a timely reminder for me. Thank you.

  2. This definitely resonates with me. My son is an amazing young man, he happens to be on the autistic spectrum, he is also bipolar. Autism is a walk in the park compared to the ups and downs of bipolar. I have to constantly remind myself during the good times, to enjoy them and cherish them without waiting for that proverbial shoe to drop, or in many cases, kick me in the bum :o)

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