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Hope’s New Year’s Resolution

Greetings of the New Year to all of you!

The new year is a curious time. We make resolutions. We talk about things that will be different in the new year. And we are convinced that things will be different with this new start.

Unfortunately, as many of us know, those resolutions are soon gone and many of the old habits of the old year creep in to once again take a prominent place in our lives. If you are struggling with depression or dealing with a loved one with depression, this can be very dangerous. Any sense of hope, of change, of things getting better are often wiped away. What are we to do to keep this from happening?

A friend recommended a simple alternative for me one year and I found it very helpful, particularly when it came to dealing with the situation between my depressed husband and me. The friend suggested that I look back on the previous year, month by month, and remember one thing each month that was positive. This meant, when I applied it to my situation, one thing that was positive about our progress as a couple in dealing with depression.

There was January where we went to a movie together and talked about it afterwards, February where he actually remembered my birthday with a small token gift, March where we were able together to stave off suicide looming in the background. April brought an actual interest in our garden from him and May yielded both of us out in the yard getting ready for spring.

You get the picture. By going back over the year I was able to see signs of hope, signs of progress. I was not making my husband synonymous with depression but rather I was able to see depression as the illness that was part of my husband. The illness was not my husband.

And if your memory is like mine, you might want to look back at each month as it finishes and see what happened that month that was positive in dealing with depression, in dealing with one another. Where was that sign of hope in the month?

It might not be the traditional resolution, but this new year’s action is sure to help in at least a small way toward making sure depression doesn’t take over your life.

– Bernadette


One Response

  1. Yay for the little steps of progress. That is wonderful.

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