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Are You Taking Your Medicine Correctly?


We’ve all done it at one time or another. Perhaps it has been with an antibiotic that should be taken three times a day at 8 hour intervals or with medications that say “take with food.” We end up taking the medicine haphazardly because we don’t always follow directions. I found that that can have a profound effect on someone who is dealing with depression.

When my husband returned from the regular visit to his doctor, discussing with the doctor some different challenges that had arisen – some obsessive compulsion and growing anxiety – my husband learned he was taking his medicine wrong.

Whether it was his forgetting a dose or waking at 10 one day and 7 a.m. the next and taking the medicine on arising or whether it was taking one pill at the wrong hour, the crazy medication schedule was messing with the effectiveness of the drugs. Now with a regular schedule and adhering to it as much as possible, changes are occurring.

Medication can have a profound effect on depression but it is important to work with that medicine to make it possible. Discuss with your doctor when and how the medicine should be taken and then try to keep on schedule with it. The person with depression and those around him or her will be very grateful for the positive things that come from taking the medication the right way. Maybe those teachers growing up who urged us to follow directions were onto something.

– Bernadette


3 Responses

  1. Great advice Bernadette. I have an alarm on my phone that goes off at 9.30pm every night to remind me to take my tablets. I also have a Monday to Sunday medication container, so I know pretty quickly if I miss a dose. Each day is also removable, so if I am watching TV at night (with kids in bed), I sit it next to me as an extra reminder 🙂

  2. Great advice, I think we sometimes forget that directions of use are there for a reason. Glad something simple like getting on a schedule with medication can help you guys.

    I always take mine before bed, as morning just does not work for me. It varies too much on what time I wake up, and it is also harder for me to remember if I end up rushing around to leave the house or do something.
    I keep my medication next to my bed.

  3. So true – I use my mobile phone alarm for any time I need medication as by default, the times I most need to take it are the times I won’t remember to.

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