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Early Thanksgiving

The actual holiday is almost two weeks distant, but we’re already celebrating Thanksgiving at our house. Actually, we have been for a few weeks now.

My husband just finished his fourth out of five weeks of schooling for a career change he’s wanted to make for many years. He’s already received two very good job offers, and all of this change has done wonders in lifting his depression.

I know very well that simply making changes in your life is no miracle cure for depression. Depression is a physical illness that is extremely complicated and not well understood. Each person’s path to healing is unique, and no one course of treatment or set of decisions or actions can be considered “The Way” to recover from depression – no matter what you might hear on talk shows or in prescription drug ads.

But for the first time in many, many years my husband is beating his illness and is a joy to live with. The changes he’s made in his life are working for him. And we’re giving thanks.



5 Responses

  1. 🙂 Thank you for the hope.

    • Thank you, April, for reading. I’m hoping for you that whatever your family is currently dealing with will soon be resolved in the best, most positive way possible.

  2. It’s wonderful when they begin to make progress isn’t it? I’ve seen such radical changes in my man in the past months and I love every one of them.

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