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Love in the Land of Depression

Yesterday I had the great honor of attending a small group launch of a friend’s book.  The book, “Love in the Land of Dementia” by Deborah Shouse is about the journey she had during her mother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s.  We talked a lot about how the book truly was a story of love, something that is often overlooked during the difficult time of dealing with this dreaded illness.

It got me to thinking of love and especially love in the land of depression.  We don’t talk about that enough, often failing to recognize it because of the overwhelming situations that confront us caregivers day after day after day.

Love in the land of depression is expressed in the woman who sits next to her husband, holding him as he cries or as he rails against depression in his life.  It is the person who goes to the doctor’s appointments with the loved one and keeps careful track of medicines and asks the right questions.  It is the child who doesn’t quite understand why mom or dad is acting strange but still offers hugs when the tears brim in the parent’s eyes.   It is the mother who deals with suicide threats and talks her child down when that threat becomes all too real.  It is the friend who brings dinner when it seems you can’t handle one more thing.   It is the person who won’t give up on the depressed person no matter what, who keeps loving and caring and being in the person’s life.

Let’s celebrate love in the land of depression today.  Let’s recognize all the tiny to gigantic expressions of that love. And let’s let that love wash over us and help us remember that love is indeed stronger than depression.

– Bernadette


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