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Mentally ill people are not the problem.

I’m in Rome and enjoying the sites, learning about depression in a place where people think there is none and this morning I came across this. I don’t know where it comes from so apologies for not giving appropriate credit. I do, however, think what it says is important for people to hear again and again.

Mentally ill people are not the problem.
Inaccessible, unaffordable health care is the problem.
Stigma is the problem.
Lack of treatment is the problem.
Lack of understanding is the problem.
Not taking people seriously is the problem.
Lack of honest conversation and open dialogue is the problem.
Using jails as a housing facility for mentally ill persons is a problem.

Do you understand me?
Mentally ill people are NOT the problem.

Amen to whoever wrote this.

– Bernadette


3 Responses

  1. I have been trying to encourage a young person (they are 21 at the moment) to seek therapy. They had a horrendous childhood, tormented teen years, and is unable to finish her college studies. She is extremely bright, but doesn’t think so. She is very nice and friendly, but again, she doesn’t believe. So—she hovers inside, rarely venturing out, and refuses outside help–which we have offered to pay for. What more can we do? This person seems to get worse and worse, and it is affecting someone I love very much! Any ideas?

    • April, I think you are doing all you can. Just continue to be there for her and reinforce her good points. She will come to the point that she will seek the help but she needs to want it first. She won’t get anything from outside assistance if she doesn’t think she needs it just yet.

      • She knows she needs it. She is the kind to have an anxiety attack and hide in the closet for hours. She is just too proud to accept our help, but she can’t hold a job to pay for help. She wants it, but won’t follow through. It is seriously breaking my heart!

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