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The Government and Depression

We’ve all faced the morning with the news of the government shutdown.  For some it means not reporting to work along with no pay check.  For other people it might mean that certain services will not be available.  For the individuals and families who planned delayed vacations at the national parks, they will find instead a closed gate (or in the case of the Lincoln Memorial large cement barricades).

One of the casualties of the government shutdown will be the inability of some people with brain illness to have their medication.  Pay checks after all can stretch only so far.  Others who rely on not-for-profit organizations might find hard going there also.  Several of these organizations will find it difficult to meet the payrolls of their employees let alone be able to help those who come for help because of the fact that government funding will also not be paid.

And we open the door to people taking out their frustrations about the government shutdown in ways that injure or kill innocent people.  And if the situation goes on for more than a few days, we will have the already existing epidemic of depression grow even larger as people scramble to cope and find it often impossible.

We have to find ways to make our government work better than it does so innocent people – especially people with brain illness – don’t have to add more challenges than they have already on their plates.



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