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The Decision

Depression sucks. I hate the feeling of powerlessness that I have when my loved one sits across from me and says, “I feel so alone.” I hate to see him removed from the festivities around him. I get angry when I know every medicine he is taking and nothing seems to be working. I hate that depression is not only ruining his life but it is doing a number on mine.

As much as I try, sometimes depression just gets the upper hand, making me want to run away and do something that is totally frivolous and takes nobody else into account. I want to go off to ride rides in an amusement park or lay in a hammock and just read. What was that saying in the 70s? Stop the world I want to get off!

But the reality is waking another day to figure out another way of helping him and of making myself continue on the road of health. It is another day of being positive and trying new things, of laughing and figuring out a different way that something can be done to alleviate, at least for a time, the cloud of depression on my loved one. It’s another day to make the decision to love myself and my loved one. I am thankful for that.

– Bernadette


One Response

  1. Thank you for showing us the reality and reminding us of the commitment of love.

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