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Sword of Damocles

I think one of the cruelest things about the disease of depression is when the depressed individual and the caregiver get a glimpse of what life is like without depression. Most people take feeling good for granted. Trust me, we don’t.

We appreciate those moments when everything is going well, when it seems we have our friend, our lover, our parent back. We can laugh and talk and just bask in the warmth of normalcy. And yet, there is always the feeling that the other shoe is going to drop. We have the feeling that this can’t last. We’ve been on the road of up and down and up and down and we know that the fall can be just around the corner, coming in the morning or as night settles in. We fear it and we accept it.

So we train ourselves to enjoy the moment. It may not last and it may last. Whatever happens, we have this moment of happiness and we know that depression has not claimed this moment in time. We’ll enjoy it while it lasts, mourn it when it is gone, and remember that “all will be well.”

– Bernadette


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