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Can Words Help or Hinder Depression?

Oh perk up!

We all have our crosses to bear.

If you don’t like feeling that way, change it.

Just try a little harder.

Why do you always have to be so sad?

I don’t care who said it. I don’t care what the circumstances were. I don’t care if it was a mother to a daughter or a husband to a wife or a friend to another friend. These lines should never cross the lips of anyone who has a friend or family member struggling with depression.

These lines constitute cruel and unusual punishment for the depressed individual and the caregiver. These little sayings are not what you say to someone who is grappling with an illness that strips you of energy, direction, happiness and time. Depressed individuals want to perk up. They realize others have their own struggles. They are trying as hard as they can. And they cannot control the sadness.

What you can do is remember these phrases:

I know how difficult it is to fight depression. Perhaps if together we smile or share a joke there might be a bright spot today for both of us.

I know you are doing all you can to fight this depression. It is hard.

I am happy that you are trying each day to face this illness and to work at getting better.

It causes my heart to ache that you are so sad. If I could be the miracle worker, I would make it better. But I’m not so I will just be your friend and love you through this illness.

Our words can help or hurt. When depression hits a household, let’s opt for helping. And remember that it is up to you to illuminate the earth and to help others understand depression.

– BernadetteImage

One Response

  1. So true, it’s not like you’d take away inhalers from an asthmatic and tell them to “breathe more deeply”.

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