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Mental Health Over the Airwaves

The other day I was listening to a local pop station – not my usual choice, but I get a kick out of pop music on low-key, relaxed summer days – and heard an ad for a local psychiatric treatment facility. I suppose it caught my attention for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I’m always on the lookout for articles, information, and references to mental health.Then, too, the typical ad on this station is for laser hair removal, weight loss systems, liposuction, and tanning salons – note the trend? Psychiatric treatment is definitely outside the box in this setting.

credit to serviziovolontarioeuropeo.it

credit to serviziovolontarioeuropeo.it

The ad stated that mental/emotional health issues are real, common, and treatable. Certainly a good message to get out there, and I appreciate having it presented to an audience who, perhaps, might not have been exposed to it before.
On the other hand, the ad was clearly hawking a certain treatment facility. I have no idea what kind of reputation this place has – possibly many people have been helped there. But my guess would be, since they’re buying ad time, profit has to be a pretty strong motive.

My own experience with in-patient treatment for brain illnesses was not good. There was a point at the beginning of our journey when my husband was in such a bad way that I made the choice to hospitalize him in hopes of keeping him safe and finding a path to healing. We were forced, due to our not-so-great health insurance company, to place him in a facility that stripped him of dignity, ignored my concerns, and gave us very mixed and negative messages; it was a complete disaster. Before even the first 24 hours were up, I checked him out, for the well-being of both of us.

So, I’m wondering whether a facility that costs a bundle, as I suspect the one advertising on this pop station may, offers better treatment than what we experienced. If a family can afford this kind of treatment, that’s a good thing, right? Or are they just taking advantage of people who are hurting in a nightmarish situation?

Bottom line, I just don’t know. It was definitely food for thought.


2 Responses

  1. My son spent time in a facility that cost plenty, and we had many complaints….. I think it might be more about the people who work there and their attitudes and motives, than about the money. But you bring up a good point……and really,who knows?

  2. You’re right – the people working in any health care facility make all the difference…and that’s also seriously affected by the DNA of the facility itself. Thanks for the comment! -Amy

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