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Finding truth and healing in fiction

As a writer and a lifelong devour-er of books, I’m fascinated by the concept of truth through story. From the bible to Jane Austen to Madeleine L’Engle to Alexander McCall Smith’s “Number One Ladies’ Detective Agency” series, great wisdom about life, love, and the human condition is there for the taking – even in stories that are not literal or factual. Today I ran across something that reminded me of the healing power of words, even when they appear in what is considered light or even trivial fiction.

I’ve been re-reading a favorite series by Anne George (I admit to being addicted to cozy mysteries, but I promise that’s not all I read – as witnessed by the attached photo of one of the bookshelves in our house). In my current book, “Murder On a Bad Hair Day,” the main character, a retired teacher, says the following:

“There are millions of people who have had help for emotional problems, just like there are millions of people who have been treated for ulcers. Both are painful and both treatable.”

This book has a copyright date of 1996. Seventeen years ago, a thoughtful woman penned these words, and everyone who’s read them since then has been exposed to a positive and healing attitude about the issue of brain illness. I call that a score on the side of Light.



2 Responses

  1. Nice job, Amy! You are a healer too with your words.

  2. Same to you…if you look carefully two of your books are on that shelf. 🙂

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