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A Depressed Jesus

Jesus was depressed.

There I’ve said it and I’m ready for any criticism that comes my way. Just like I don’t believe that Judas is necessarily in hell for having despaired, I believe that Jesus experienced all there was to experience in humanity. And I believe that included depression.

Jesus came to show us how to live and love and grow. He wanted to be one of us. Human and yet divine. And too often we place him above, the perfect human being who was devoid of struggles.

Several years ago I read a book called “Three from Galilee” by Marjorie Holmes and what struck me was how human this child growing up in Nazareth was as seen through her eyes. He was a teenager whose head turned for a pretty girl, he didn’t want to work all the time and grumped about it, he cried and laughed and struggled with the questions of life. Why wouldn’t someone like that experience depression?

I believe that Jesus felt the dark cloud over him as he fasted in the desert for forty days. I believe the dark cloud was over him when Peter denied him. I believe that on the cross he felt the cloud most deeply, feeling abandoned and alone


If you look at the life stories of great leaders – Buddha, Mohammed – all of the great leaders – their stories tell how all of them experienced depression. They felt what it was like to have the dark cloud accompany them as they tried to go through the day. They felt the fear and the abandonment and the loss of happiness.

So when my husband says, “No one understands what depression is like,” I will remember that Jesus was depressed and he understands.

– Bernadette


4 Responses

  1. Nice post.
    Could I please use that picture in one of my posts?

    • Thanks for your comment.

      As for the photo, It’s not my picture. I got it on line on a free zone. And I’m afraid I don’t have the link. I googled storm clouds and came up with it.

      Hope this helps. B

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Nice and concise. Very thought–provoking. You definitely have valid points there… I never thought about that before. Very interesting. And comforting, too, to imagine that Jesus understands my mental disorders to some degree. Of course, he is God, so he does already, I think… but still.

  3. Wow. Such a beautiful devotion and meditation topic. Thank you.

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