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Wish We Had the Choice

This morning reading the papers from across the world I came to an article about how Jennifer Anniston, an American actress, talked about her experience with “poor people’s food.” It seems that she was forced to eat at a McDonalds and it totally upset her pure system that was used to whole, natural foods.

It saddened me that she was so removed from the world, but even more importantly it brought to mind how this is so like people who have never experienced depression, either in themselves or in their loved ones.

Those people who don’t know what depression is like will not understand the fact that unlike them, we do not have the luxury to go somewhere else and shop. We cannot tell the one we love to “suck it up and get better” or to decide to seek someone else who is more fun. We don’t have a choice as to whether we can get rid of the cloud over us or not. We don’t have the money to get the best treatment in the land.

Instead we have to deal with the good days and the bad days – the days at the Four Seasons and the days at McDonald’s. We have to face the cloud over us each day and hope that it is not a thundercloud; that it is instead a grey cloud that with medication and direction can dissipate for the day. We have to do the juggling act of insurance, hoping that we can swing treatment and medication along with food and clothing and shelter.

I am not jealous of Ms. Anniston’s success in life. I’m glad she is a healthy individual and treats her body with respect. I only hope she is able to look at the world more expansively, to realize that others do not have the luxuries she has and that people deal with a great deal of crap in their emotional lives and sometimes McDonald’s is the only choice they have.

Happy Independence Day to all of us no matter what we are dealing with.

– Bernadette


2 Responses

  1. Great post here. It is so easy to get trapped in the box of our own priveleges (like JA) and you’re right that the same applies to those who have the luxury of not dealing with depression- I like the comparison!
    Happy independence day from the UK :-p

  2. Just to put a further perspective on this, really poor people can only dream of eating at McDonalds.

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