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The Renewing Smile

The Mona Lisa smile. We have seen it. We have heard it talked about. Speculation abounds about who the woman was and why she was smiling. Her hint of a smile might not seem like much but it is enough to relax all the muscles in the face. That hint of a smile has the potential power to chase away worries and fatigue.

When the world of depression is too much with you, try a half smile. At least for a moment, you will remember what peace is like. As the noted Buddhist, Thich Nhat Hanh writes, “A tiny bud of a smile on our lips nourishes awareness and calms us miraculously. It returns to us the peace we thought we had lost.”

Dealing with depression day in and day out can zap your strength. Renew yourself with a half smile. It has more power than we give it credit.

– BernadetteImage


One Response

  1. i noticed when i practice yoga, my face as a relaxed smile. i’m sure it looks somewhat creepy, but it does work. nice post!

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