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The Power of Words

Image credit to rachelbarnette.theworldrace.org

Image credit to rachelbarnette.theworldrace.org

So I just realized that our last post marked a milestone – 100 posts on Depression’s Collateral Damage. In “celebration,” I’d like to share a link I found today on a blog devoted to “creating psychological wellness in a chaotic world.” You can find it at http://wildertherapyandwellness.wordpress.com/

The focus of Depression’s Collateral Damage has always been and will continue to be the circle of people who are affected by brain illnesses, including depression, in a loved one. Bern and I both have way too many years of experience with this situation, and it’s our goal to support the innocent bystanders who spend their days caring for a depressed person. It’s our belief that intentional self-care is absolutely vital if we’re going to get through the experience healthy and whole.

But the fact remains that what all of us here have in common is that someone we care for is dealing with a brain illness. We want them to recover and heal. And the words we say to them can make a difference. I know I need that reminder sometimes. See the link below if you could use that reminder, too.




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