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A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood….No Matter What

It’s amazing how many outside forces can affect us. Right now it is yet another gloomy day in Kansas, rain dripping and a gray sky enveloping everything. And I can almost physically feel the pull of the day on my mood.

Yesterday it was sunny and warm with a cover of blue sky and I was full of energy, working in the garden, doing all sorts of errands. My mood buoyed me into a number of activities and the day ended on a great note.

If we are caregivers for someone who is dealing with depression, we need to be aware of these forces so that we can be ready when they start to pull us down, if for no other reason than to keep us from beating up on ourselves for feeling down. We need to be aware of the positive force of a good day and be able to take advantage of those beautiful times.

Sometimes when we are in the thick of caring for someone with depression, we tend to just take the days as they come, without noticing them. We let one day go into another and we just try to get by.

When we notice the day around us, we can allow ourselves to respond to those days, allow ourselves to know that we are being pulled down by a gray day so that we can decide that we perhaps need to be around friends who will laugh with us or so that we can put on some music, turn on some lights and sing away the grayness. And when those beautiful days happen, we can take the time to notice all that is good about the world, all that is good about our depressed loved one, all that is good about ourselves.

Outside forces can influence our moods but what we decide to do in the face of those forces is up to us. Here’s to a beautiful rainy day in Kansas.

– Bernadette


2 Responses

  1. I completely agree. Sometimes outside forces make it difficult, but the choices we make influence our ultimate outlook : )

  2. oh, the sun is finally shining her in Seattle! My spirits are instantly lifted. I hope the sun comes out soon for you in Kansas! 😉

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