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Yesterday I had the opportunity to go to a Josh Ritter concert in Lawrence, Kansas. Ritter is a great alternative singer and it was a wonderful concert with lots of energy, engagement from the audience, and some fine laughs. But there was also the waiting.

Doors opened at 7 p.m. and we waited in line from 6:20 and went through the doors about 7:10. Then to our seats and another wait until 8 p.m. when the warm up singer started. Twenty minutes later we were waiting until 9 p.m. for the Ritter concert to begin. Wait, wait, wait….

Made me think about the journey with depression. So much of it is wait, wait, wait. We wait for the depressed person to arrival at acceptance of their illness or we wait for something to occur to bring them to that point of acceptance. We wait while the doctors sort out what medications might work. We wait for those medications to take effect or not and then we wait more when the medication is wound down and a new one tried.

We wait for people to realize that depression is indeed an illness and we wait for someone to help as they help those with cancer or heart disease or other visible ailments. We wait for the days when we can get away and kick up our heels and forget if only for a time. Wait, wait. wait.

But like my experience with the concert, there is the pure joy and excitement and pleasure when the music begins and it was all you ever hoped for. That’s what it can be like when that medicine finally kicks in, when a neighbor brings over dinner, when together you are working toward recovery. The waiting is forgotten and the beautiful concert of health begins.

Here’s to waiting and the journey to joy.

– Bernadette


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