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The Far Reaches of Dating Violence




Rehtaeh Parsons. You can look at the three links provided, search further on the inbternet, and draw your own conclusions. For me the story brings home the following:

-Dating violence is often overlooked and people know little or nothing about it.

-Rape has far-reaching effects long after the act is completed.

-A good number of the victims are high school or college age.

-Understanding rape and dating violence is a sadly neglected support area.

-Support following rape or dating violence is often non-existent or the victim is looked upon as “asking for it” or a “slut who deserved it.”

-Rape often leads to depression and suicide, with even more victims as result.

-None of this should occur in a caring, supportive society.

Rehtaeh Parsons. Rest in peace.

And if you want to do something to help young people learn healthy dating practices, check out


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