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    Our latest book:

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What is depression like?

D   amn, damn, damn, I want to scream when I hear the word depression.

E   veryone seems to have it.  Every time I turn around, another story, another victim.

P   ain and despair fill every waking moment.  People searching, aching for an answer.

R   unning away from it doesn’t help.  Rapidly it takes over a person, not caring.

E   arnestly the victim and the caregiver look for answers.  Easy answers don’t exist.

S   lowly, slowly, the medicine takes hold.  Slowly, slowly, not good, another to try

S   eeping in, the negativity grabs hold.  Seeping sea tentacles crushing the heart.

I   ronically the positiveness that would help is missing.  Ironically the smile gone.

O   stracizing begins, the sigma strong.  Only a few speak truth about the monster

N   ight comes, another day to hope.  Never going to let the monster triumph.



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