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Fighting My Way Through SAD

For those of us dealing with SAD – seasonal affective disorder – we’re in the toughest part of the year. I’ve been on a low dosage of antidepressant since mid September, and I know it’s helping. But I also know I’m not doing my part.

I should be exercising more. But I’m having an awful time getting up in the morning (very not like my normal self), and that’s the time of day I’m most able to find time to exercise. The street and sidewalks near my house are completely torn up with construction, so it’s hard to get out and walk.

I bought a light box last fall, as my doctor suggested a year ago. The directions were so off-putting I returned it without ever using it. And I haven’t been doing my best to get outside and soak up vitamin D, which I know would help.

Excuses, excuses, excuses. In the meantime, my work is suffering, I’m probably something of a pain to live with, and I don’t feel all that great. And I know it doesn’t help that my chronically depressed husband had been in a low spot for months. Yuck.

Which is all to say depression is really rotten, no matter what form it takes. Too many people are dealing with this illness, too many people aren’t coping with it well, and too many people are afraid of the stigma attached to admit they have it. If you’re dealing with symptoms yourself, or you know someone who might be, here’s my advice: Get yourself some help. And be patient with yourself and with others. Who knows – that guy sitting in the cubicle next to you, the one who drives you nuts with his negativity and decreased productivity? It could very well be that depression is at the root of his problem.


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