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Help for soldiers dealing with depression and other issues

The Center for Veterans Issues is an organization that is to be commended.  Not only do they help returning veterans with finding housing, dealing with post traumatic stress, financial situations, or drug abuse, they are all about treating the entire person and for returning veterans, that often means their families as they struggle to re-connect.  The center has a host of programs operating.  They touch on family issues, addiction, relocating, education and more.  They do not receive funding from the Department of Veterans Affairs in WashingtonD.C. and instead survive on donations, grants and the generosity of people.

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the Center for Veterans Issues supports the concerns of all veterans by providing information and resources.  They also provide transitional housing to homeless veterans, while offering many services to help veterans transition back into the community.

It is indeed refreshing to know that organizations like the Center for Veterans Issues look to helping the veteran and the whole family situation. Too often we have seen in the news, stories about returning veterans depressed and taking their own lives. Organizations like CVI can help those soldiers hurting from depression by offering counseling to the soldier and the soldier’s family.  This is what we have said so many times – depression cannot be dealt with alone.  It is a disease that affects the entire family structure.  And we know that the trauma of war certainly has a effect on the entire veteran’s family.  So hooray to Milwaukee’s Center of Veterans Issues for recognizing the importance of the fact that we all are a part of the recovery and transition to daily life of our returning soldiers.

For more information on the Center go to http://www.cvivet.org/newsroom/


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