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Mental illness and the gun debate

Okay, so this post was totally unplanned, and I’ve never blogged twice in one day, but after what I’ve been reading on Facebook, I’m fed up and have to put this out there somewhere….

First, has anyone else ever noticed that the NRA and the Tea Party-ers use the same three main tactics:

1-Tell lies and distort statistics so often and so loudly that people start to believe the lies and fake statistics.

2-Pretend your supporters are being persecuted and tyrranized and discriminated against (note: these supporters are, in the main, white Christian men – not exactly a downtrodden group).

3-Bribe/threaten politicians until they’re afraid to do anything but march to your drumbeat.

So, that said, the NRA has added another lead weight to the sock they swing at all of us who would prefer NOT to be surrounded by guns: Beating up on the mentally ill.  How convenient to pretend that those suffering from mental illness are out there, running around willy nilly and killing people right and left.  It’s nothing to do with GUNS EVERYWHERE, legally owned, and being used inappropriately by people from all walks of life.

The mentally ill are much more likely to be killed or injured by guns than to kill or injure others.  I heard that little tidbit on NPR yesterday. And the mentally ill are struggling mightily against enough stigma, thank you. They don’t need more lies and slander.

I could go on and on…and I may in a future post.  Anyone else have any angst on this false pairing of mental illness and gun violence?



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