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Us…on HuffPost Live!

Bern and I both had one of those days yesterday where you run from one thing to the next from the minute you get out of bed.  So it was a bit of a shock to get home for lunch between meetings to find a message on the machine (yes, we still have a land line and an answering machine – so old school) from our friend, amazing publicist Jenee Arthur.  We’d been asked to be part of an interview about depression’s effects on relationships on HuffPost Live…THAT SAME DAY AT 6:00.

Immediately my ten-foot-long to-do list flew out the window and the rest of the day was spent preparing to be on the show.  Luckily, Bern and I had planned to get together in the afternoon anyway to deal with upcoming conferences and do some pre-writing for our next book.  That meeting completely changed focus as we did a video chat with the HuffPost assistant producer, posted the big news on Faceboook, etc, reviewed what we might like to say, etc.

The moment came, and we both found it to be a fantastic experience.  The staffers at HuffPost were friendly, totally professional, and – I say this without any intent of being condescending – adorable.  Our cohorts on the screen were lovely; we got to chat a bit as we waited for the show to start.  The questions were well thought out, and the answers were enlightening.  What an honor to be a part of a conversation that could be meaningful to so many depressed people and their partners.  Watch “Cheer Up, Honey” here:




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