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Starting over again?

Last month I went with my husband to his check-in visit with his psychiatrist.  After having been in good shape for several years, we’d both noticed “depression creep,” and I wanted to offer my input in the discussion about what to do next.  Thank goodness he has a doc who is open to that sort of input – we’ve had doctors who had no interest in the perspective I can provide on an illness that affects me significantly, though I’m not the sufferer.

That appointment led to an appointment with a sleep specialist.  Seemed like a good idea, though we’ve tried that route in the past with no helpful results,  This time, though, things might be different.  The sleep doctor brought up many possibilities no one had ever considered before, though again I had a significant amount of input to offer.

The scary part, though, is the plan for his upcoming sleep study.  In order to get the best baseline, my husband has to ramp down from his daily antidepressant and be totally med-free for the overnight.  And the overnight may lead to other tests for which, again, he’ll need to be med-free.  And then begins the slow ramping up process again.  Anyone who’s been through this process understands what I’m worried about…it’s long, it’s slow, and we have no idea how well he’ll be able to function throughout.

Of course we appreciate the thoroughness of this approach, and feel hopeful about where it might lead – this should have been done years ago.  Of course we’re glad to have a doctor who’s looking at new approaches.

As Bern and I say all the time, depression and how it’s dealt with has major effects on the family of the depressed person. I know my husband is concerned about how he’ll cope.  But the thought of starting over again is scary for me, too.

Has anyone else out there dealt with the “starting over” recently?  What did it look like for you?



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